Medzinárodné Akcie

29.11.2022 02.12.2022 TM on the Analysis Support for Enhanced Nuclear Energy Sustainability Pilot Study on Potential of Innovative Nuclear Installations to Suppport Multi-Recycling of Fuel in a Nuclear Energy System (STEP FORWARD) Vienna, Austria 14.10.2022 Súbor-1
01.12.2022 04.12.2022 Workshop on Advanced Radiotherapy Dosimetry Techniques – Patient Specific Quality Assurance Novi Sad, Serbia 07.10.2022 Súbor-1
21.11.2022 25.11.2022 TM on on Waste Minimization (Optimization) at Nuclear Power Plant Operations (International Predisposal Network, IPN) Vienna, Austria 07.10.2022 Súbor-1
11.10.2022 13.10.2022 Third Annual Meeting of the Network of Front Line Officers Vienna, Austria 21.09.2022 Súbor-1
31.10.2022 04.11.2022 RTC on Computer Security Fundamentals for Nuclear Security Vienna, Austria 26.09.2022 Súbor-1
23.01.2023 03.02.2023 School of Drafting Regulations for Radiation Safety Vienna, Austria 27.09.2022 Súbor-1
01.11.2022 04.11.2022 TM on the International Network on Life Management of Nuclear Power Plants Řež, Czech Republic 23.09.2022 Súbor-1
12.12.2022 16.12.2022 International Workshop on Managing the Transition from Operation to Decommissioning Vienna, Austria 03.10.2022 Súbor-1
24.01.2023 27.01.2023 International Meeting of the Points of Contact for the Purpose of Facilitating the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources in Accordance with the Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources Vienna, Austria 23.09.2022 Súbor-1
13.12.2022 16.12.2022 Technical Meeting on Embedding Leadership Within the Nuclear Organization Vienna, Austria 14.10.2022 Súbor-1

Aktualizácia: 23.09.2022