On-site visit of Austrian experts to Unit 3 Mochovce NPP

On-site visit of Austrian experts to Unit 3 Mochovce NPP in the framework of the bilateral agreement on issues of common interest in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection, Bratislava/Mochovce 31 March 2022 Continuing in the transparent and open process of communication with the representatives of the Austrian government on the issues of […]

Operational event without the safety significance at NPP V-2 Bohunice

In the nuclear facility V-2 Jaslovské Bohunice on March 17, 2022, during a walk inspection, it was found that the insulation of the upper part of the sodium hydroxide storage tank in the chemical water treatment area was damaged. Due to the damage to the tank insulation, an insignificant leakage of sodium hydroxide into the […]

ENSREG: Statement on the safety of nuclear installations in Ukraine following the military agression by Russia

On 27 February 2022, ENSREG held an extraordinary meeting via videoconference with the participation of the IAEA, WENRA and SNRIU to discuss the nuclear safety of the Ukrainian nuclear installations in view of the Russian Federation’s military aggression against Ukraine. ENSREG recalls that “the European Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the Russian Federation’s […]

New Website Launched for UJD SR

On September 28, 2021, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (UJD SR) launched a new website, which in terms of content and form meets the latest requirements and standards for information systems of the state administration. The new website provides information to the general public through an intuitive graphic design in a user-friendly […]

Final results of quality inspections of the pipeline components

In its statement of 4th May 2020, Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (UJD SR) informed the public about the ongoing inspection of pipeline components at Unit 3 of Mochovce NPP. In abovementioned statement UJD SR informed the public about the following facts: the reason which led to the need to performed inspections of […]