ENSREG – European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group is an independent, expert advisory group created in July 2007 following a decision of the European Commission at a high level to address issues in the field of nuclear safety and safe management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.

The ENSREG Group is composed of senior officials from national nuclear regulators, supervisors for the safe management of radioactive waste and spent fuel of all Member States of the European Union and representatives of the European Commission.

ENSREG´s role is to help establish the conditions for continuous improvement, as well as to reach a common understanding in the areas of nuclear safety and radioactive waste management. ENSREG also provides a platform for the exchange of good practice and technological progress.

ENSREG works as an independent expert body:

  • to improve cooperation and openness between Member States in the field of nuclear safety and radioactive waste management
  • to improve overall transparency in the field of nuclear safety and radioactive waste management
  • if necessary, to provide expert support to the European Commission in proposing new requirements in the field of safety of nuclear installations and safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste

In order for ENSREG to be able to fully fulfil its work program, 4 working groups (WG1, WG2, WG3 and WG4) were originally set up within it. In order to improve the coordination of inter-sectoral cooperation, the WG4 working group merged in 2016 with the WG1 working group. Currently working are:

  • WG1 – Improving nuclear safety arrangements
  • WG2 – Improving radioactive waste management, spent fuel and decommissioning arrangements
  • WG3 – Improving transparency arrangements

The working groups shall meet as necessary and report on their activities to ENSREG, which shall meet at least twice a year. Experts from ÚJD SR, who actively participate in the preparation, comments and approval of EU documents of a legislative and non-legislative nature, are also nominated to the ENSREG working groups. ENSREG submits a report on its activities to the European Commission and the European Parliament every two years.

At its 38th Meeting held on 25 March 2019, ENSREG elected as chairperson for the following term Mrs. Marta Žiaková, Chairperson of ÚJD SR.

Updated: 08.11.2021