EPR Management Authorities

Organisations Affected by Emergency Preparedness

The competences of ministries and other central state administration bodies concerned with emergency preparedness are defined in the Act of the NC SR No. 575/2001 Coll. on the organisation of government activities and the organisation of central state administration, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Competence Act”).

According to this Act, the decisive competences in the field of emergency planning and emergency response are vested in:

Ministry of Interior of SR (§ 11 of the Competence Act)

It is the central body of state administration in the field of the Integrated Rescue System, civil protection and fire-fighting protection, in the field of ensuring the activities of the central crisis headquarters and in the field of coordinating the performance of state administration carried out by municipalities, higher territorial units and local state administration bodies.

The conditions for ensuring the protection of life, health and property against the consequences of emergencies, the roles and responsibilities of state administration bodies, municipalities and the rights and obligations of natural persons and legal entities in ensuring the civil protection of the population are laid down in the Act of the National Council of the SR No. 42/1994 Coll. on Civil Protection of the Population, as amended.
Details are laid down in particular in Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of the SR No. 533/2006 on details on the protection of the population against the effects of hazardous substances, as amended, in Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of the SR No. 328/2012 laying down details on evacuation, and in Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of the SR No. 532/2006 on details to ensure the construction-technical requirements and technical conditions of civil protection facilities, as amended.

Civil protection includes, in the field of emergency preparedness and response, in particular the following tasks and measures:

  • organising, managing and carrying out rescue work, which consists mainly in rescuing persons, providing pre-medical and medical assistance, rescuing persons and removing the wounded,
  • organising and providing a reporting and information service,
  • providing emergency supplies and emergency accommodation,
  • providing and carrying out shelter and evacuation,
  • carrying out anti-radiation, anti-chemical and anti-biological measures,
  • organising, managing and carrying out civil protection training,
  • assessing the siting of buildings and the use of land and the observance of civil protection interests in the territory during planning and construction procedures and the technical parameters of civil protection facilities,
  • ensuring and carrying out editorial, scientific research and development activities in civil protection.

Further information on civil protection measures, procedures and implementation can be found at the website of: Section of Integrated Rescue System and Crisis Management of the Ministry of Interior of SR.

Nuclear Regulatory Authority of SR (§ 29 of the Competence Act)

It is the central body of the state administration for nuclear supervision, ensuring the exercise of state supervision over the nuclear safety of nuclear installations, including the management of radioactive waste and spent fuel and other phases of the fuel cycle, over nuclear materials, including their control and record-keeping, as well as over the physical protection of nuclear installations and nuclear materials provided by the holder of the relevant licence. It ensures the assessment of the intentions of the nuclear energy utilisation programme and the quality of selected nuclear facilities and devices and the obligations of the Slovak Republic arising from international treaties relating to nuclear safety of nuclear installations and the handling of nuclear materials.

The competences and responsibilities of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority are laid down in Act No. 541/2004 Coll.

Details of the Authority’s competences are available on its website.

Ministry of Health of SR (§ 19 of the Competence Act)

It is the central government authority for health care and health protection. The protection of public health in the field of radiation protection is guided and controlled by the public health authorities. With regard to emergency preparedness and response, the public health authorities shall:

  • issue authorizations for activities leading to exposure, and consider, among other things, site emergency plans as part of the authorization procedure,
  • determine the conditions for the performance of activities leading to exposure,
  • prescribe measures to prevent the occurrence of diseases and other health disorders as a result of exposure to ionising radiation,
  • discharge State health supervision at workplaces with sources of ionising radiation,
  • monitor the radiation situation in the environment in Slovakia, ensure the activities of the central radiation monitoring network and inform the European Union institutions about the radiation situation in the Slovak Republic,
  • participate in the resolution of emergency situations in the event of loss of control over sources of ionising radiation and in the event of discovery of sources of radiation of unknown origin,
  • propose the implementation of protective measures in the event of a threat to public health,
  • provide expert guidance and information to persons who have come into contact with or been exposed to a radioactive source,
  • provide information to the public on the radiation situation, threats to public health and possible exposures.

The requirements for emergency preparedness for activities leading to exposure and for the protection of the health of workers and the general public against ionising radiation in emergencies, are regulated in particular by:

  • Act No. 355/2007 Coll. on the Protection, Promotion and Development of Public Health and on amendments to certain Acts
  • Act No. 87/2018 Coll. on radiation protection and on amendments to certain laws,
  • Decree of the Ministry of Health of SR No. 99/2018 on providing radiation protection

Further information on measures, procedures and implementation of measures related to ionising radiation protection and monitoring can be found on the website of the Public Health Authority of SR.

Updated: 06.09.2022