Technology for the Treatment and Conditioning of Radwaste

Technology for the Treatment and Conditioning of Radwaste (TSÚ RAO)

The nuclear installation of TSÚ RAO includes technological units, which are designed for the treatment and conditioning of radwaste resulting from the operation of NPPs, decommissioning of NI, institutional radwaste and radwaste, the originator of which is unknown.

The TSÚ RAO includes technological units:

  • The Bohunice Radwaste Treatment Centre (BSC RAO) treats various types of radwaste – combustible solid and liquid wastes, compactible solid wastes, non-combustible and non-compressible wastes, concentrates, ion exchange resins and other contaminated liquids and sludges. For the treatment of these radwaste, it uses the following technologies/treating facilities: cementation line for cementation of treated radwaste, radwaste incineration plant, high pressure compacting plant for radwaste, sorting and fragmentation workplace for sorting and fragmentation of radwaste.
  • Bituminization line (BL) and discontinuous bituminisation line (DBL) for fixation of radwaste into bitumen, which ensures low leachability of radioactive components with water and significant volume reduction of waste.

The NI TSÚ RAO also includes other technological facilities: treatment station of active waters, fragmentation line, large-capacity decontamination line, line for pre-treatment of fixed radwaste, production plant for FCCs, also currently built facility for melting of metal radwaste and new incineration plant for radwaste. Part of these are storage facilities for solid radwaste and premises of NPP A1, where certified storage facilities are located.

More information on the website of the Nuclear and Decommissioning Company – JAVYS, a.s.

Updated: 05.09.2022