Quadrilateral Meeting of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities hosted in Slovakia

The regular annual quadrilateral meeting of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia tool place from 14 -15 June in Oponice, Slovakia. Following the rotation principle, the meeting was hosted by the Slovak side upon the invitation of UJD SR. During the 2-day meeting partners have discussed and exchanged views on the current topics of mutual […]

Slovakia hosts the CTBTO’s 25th On-Site Inspection (OSI) Regional Introductory Course (RIC-25)

The Twenty-Fifth On-Site Inspection (OSI) Regional Introductory Course (RIC-25) is being held from 24 to 30 April 2023 at the facility of the National Council of Slovakia – Častá-Papiernička and its surrounding forest areas. RIC-25 is organized by the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) in […]

The Decision No. 248/2022 P entered into force 9 September 2022

The Decision No. 248/2022 P entered into force 09th September 2022. It was being  delivered in accordance with § 26 of the Administrative Proceedings Act by the means of the public decree and as such was posted on 25 August 2022 for a period of 15 days on the Electronic Official Board of the ÚJD […]

ÚJD SR issued the final authorization for commissioning of the Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce Unit 3

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter only as the “ÚJD SR”) informs that after verifying compliance with all technical and legislative requirements; and after verification of the comments, objections and submitted initiatives in the matter of the received appeal of the first-instance authorization for commissioning of the Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce Unit […]

Final Summary Report of the Slovakian-Austrian Consultations 2008 – 2021

Within the framework of the Agreement between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the Republic of Austria on Issues of Common Interest in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection and based on certain conclusions of the Final Statement of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic on […]

On-site visit of Austrian experts to Unit 3 Mochovce NPP

On-site visit of Austrian experts to Unit 3 Mochovce NPP in the framework of the bilateral agreement on issues of common interest in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection, Bratislava/Mochovce 31 March 2022 Continuing in the transparent and open process of communication with the representatives of the Austrian government on the issues of […]

Operational event without the safety significance at NPP V-2 Bohunice

In the nuclear facility V-2 Jaslovské Bohunice on March 17, 2022, during a walk inspection, it was found that the insulation of the upper part of the sodium hydroxide storage tank in the chemical water treatment area was damaged. Due to the damage to the tank insulation, an insignificant leakage of sodium hydroxide into the […]

ENSREG: Statement on the safety of nuclear installations in Ukraine following the military agression by Russia

On 27 February 2022, ENSREG held an extraordinary meeting via videoconference with the participation of the IAEA, WENRA and SNRIU to discuss the nuclear safety of the Ukrainian nuclear installations in view of the Russian Federation’s military aggression against Ukraine. ENSREG recalls that “the European Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the Russian Federation’s […]

Publication of the basis for the second instance decision on Mochovce Unit 3

ÚJD SR informs the interested public that on January 24, 2022 it published a call for comments on the basis for the draft decision of the second-instance body and on the received appeals for the commissioning of the Mochovce Unit 3 nuclear facility and related proceedings. The call is being delivered by a public decree […]

6th European Nuclear Safety Conference – save the date

The sixth European Nuclear Safety Conference should have taken place last year, but it has been postponed for one year due to the pandemic restrictions. It is now scheduled to take place from 20 June to 21 June 2022 in Brussels under the auspices of the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) and in cooperation […]