Information about the event at the Unit3 of Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant

Due to the malfunction at the 400kV switchboard in Veľký Ďur and the subsequent activation of electrical protection, the 400kV lines (V048 a V049) were disconnected from the grid today, 26 January 2024 at 4:15.
According the project expectations, the automatic standby power supply mode was activated at Unit 3 of Mochovce NPP. The unit successfully switched to the backup power supply. The reactor power was reduced and stabilised at the level of 15 % of nominal power by the limitation system. All systems and automatic sequencers have reacted properly in accordance with the project criteria. The event had no impact on nuclear safety of the unit.

After repair of 400kV switchboard, the unit is being redirected back to the standard power supply and the reactor power is being gradually increased. It is expected the full reactor power will be restored in course of today. ÚJD SR inspectors have been carefully monitoring the developing of the situation.

Updated: 26.01.2024