Final Treatment of Liquid Radwaste

Final Treatment of Liquid Radwaste (FS KRAO)

Individual lines of technological equipment are designed primarily for treatment and conditioning of liquid radwaste into a form suitable for disposal at the National Repository of Radwaste (RÚ RAO) in Mochovce. The basic technology of the facility for the treatment of radioactive concentrates, carbonated sorbents and sludges into a bituminization matrix and their putting into 200 l drums. Subsequently, the drums are placed in fibre concrete containers (FCC). Cementation technology – active grout is applied to fill free space between drums in FCC. In addition to the treatment of liquid RAW, the handling facilities of the Mochovce FS KRAO also allow the management of solid RAW from the production of the Mochovce NPP and Bohunice NPP, which are fixed in a solid container of a 200 l MEVA drum or in a 60 l drum. The solid RAW drums are transported to the FS KRAO, where they are placed in an FCC container and further treated by cementation technology until they are disposed in the RÚ RAO in Mochovce.

Updated: 06.09.2022