According to Act No. 85/1990 Coll. on the Right to Petition, as amended, everyone has the right to refer himself or others to public authorities on matters of public interest or other common interest with applications, proposals and complaints (hereinafter referred to as “petition”) to public authorities.

The petition must not interfere with the independence of the court. The petition shall not call for violations of the Constitution, laws and legally binding acts of the European Union, denial or restriction of personal, political or other rights.

Particulars of the petition

In order to compile a petition, obtain signatures under it and deliver a petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic, the persons submitting the petition can set up a petition committee. The petition shall designate a person to be represented in contact with the Authority who has reached the age of 18 (‘the representative’). Where a petitions committee is set up, the representatives shall be appointed by the members of the Committee on Petitions. The petition must be written, marked with the word ‘Petition’ and must contain the subject matter of public or other common interest. Each member of the Petitions Committee shall state in the petition the name, surname and address of residence. The representative shall also attach a signature to his name, surname and address of residence in the petition.

If the petition does not have the particulars referred to in the preceding paragraph, the Authority shall, within 10 business days of its receipt, invite in writing the representative or the person who filed the petition in writing to remedy the deficiencies of the petition no later than 30 business days after receipt of the request, with the knowledge of the consequences of their non-withdrawal. If the deficiencies of the petition are not remedied within the prescribed period, the public authority shall postpone the petition.

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic has further modified the handling of petitions by the internal normative act of the Directive on the handling of complaints and petitions S 101 003: 21. Based on the petition received, the Authority shall communicate the result of the processing of the petition in accordance with the standard form.

Submission of petitions

The petition can be submitted in paper form to:

Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic
Bajkalská 27
P.O.BOX 24
820 07 Bratislava

In electronic form via the petition form  on the website of the Central Portal of Public Administration.

Statistics on petitions

  • in 2021 – no petition
  • in 2020 – 1 petition received (result of petition handling)
  • in 2019 – no petition
  • in 2018 – no petition

Updated: 04.08.2022