Quality Manual, Quality Policy, Management System

ÚJD SR has implemented a process-oriented integrated management system in order to achieve a more efficient and effective fulfilment of the tasks of the authority. The following are adopted as the basis for ensuring the quality of the activities of ÚJD SR: STN EN ISO 9001:2016 and IAEA GSR Part 2 documents. Part of the requirements of STN EN ISO 9004 and other standards of the STN EN ISO are also applied.

The basic document of the system is the Quality Manual, in which the Quality Policy is formulated, where the quality objectives that the ÚJD SR aims to achieve in relation to the inhabitants of the Slovak Republic and to the international community are outlined. Both the quality objectives and the functioning of the whole system are subjects to internal audits as well as regular annual review. For all processes, relevant directives of ÚJD SR together with a set of other management acts, managerial, support, inspection procedures and others are elaborated.

ÚJD SR has continuously improved its management system. The management of activities related to the management system is carried out by the Council for the Management System, headed by the chairperson of the authority. The Council is developing a conception of further development of the management system. In addition to this, the Council also takes into account the experience of the implementation of management systems in the state administration and the international recommendations in the field of nuclear safety and good practice.

Updated: 28.02.2024