The procedure for filing, handling and controlling the handling of complaints of natural or legal persons is regulated by Act No. 9/2010 Coll. on Complaints, as amended.

A complaint is a submission by a natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as ‘the complainant’) by which:

  • seeks the protection of his/her rights or interests protected by law which it considers have been infringed by an activity or inaction (‘the activity’) of a public authority
  • points to specific shortcomings, in particular infringements, the elimination of which is the responsibility of the public

Particulars of complaints

The complaint must be written and can be filed in paper form or in electronic form. The complaint must be legible and comprehensible. It must be clear from it to whom it is directed, what shortcomings it is pointing out and what the complainant is claiming. The complaint must contain the name, surname and address of residence of the complainant. If the complaint is lodged by a legal person, it must contain its name and registered office, the name and surname of the person authorised to act on behalf of it. The complaint in paper form must contain the complainant’s handwritten signature. If it is possible for the complainant to serve documents under this Law in electronic form, the complaint may also contain the address of the complainant for such service.

If a complaint lodged in electronic form is not authorised under a special regulation or sent through an access point which requires successful authentication of the complainant, the complainant must confirm it within five business days of its submission, by handwritten signature, its authorisation under a special regulation or by sending it through an access point which requires successful authentication of the complainant, otherwise the complaint will be deferred.

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic further modified the handling of complaints by the internal normative act of the Directive on the handling of complaints and petitions S 101 003: 21.

Submission of complaints

In paper form at:
Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic
Bajkalská 27
P.O.BOX 24
820 07 Bratislava

In electronic form via the complaint form  on the website of the Central Portal of Public Administration.

In person during office hours from 9.00 to 14.00 on weekdays at:
Úrad jadrového dozoru SR
Bajkalská 27
P. O.BOX 24
820 07 Bratislava


Úrad jadrového dozoru SR
Okružná 5
918 64 Trnava

Complaints statistics

  • in 2021 – 1 complaint, deferred
  • in 2020 – no complaint
  • in 2019 – no complaint
  • in 2018 – no complaint
  • in 2017 – no complaint
  • in 2016 – 2 complaints received, one of which is justified and one unfounded

Updated: 04.08.2022