Interim Spent Fuel Storage

Interim Spent Fuel Storage (ISFS)

ISFS is isued for long term storage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from slovak nuclear power plants. After remove from reactor, the fuel is stored in water pool at reactor (minimum 3 years). After this period, if the condition of transport allow it, the SNF is transported to the ISFS in Jaslovské Bohunice. This intermediate storage uses the principle of wet type in 4 pools, which three of them are operating ane one is in reserve. SNF is stored in compact baskets with boron content, thanks to which the subcriticality of the fuel is ensured. The water in the pool serves to remove residual heat and shield against radiation.

At present, SNF from Units 1 and 2 of NPP Mochovce and SF from NPP Bohunice V-1 and NPP Bohunice V-2 is stored in the intermediate storage. The maximum capacity of the ISFS is 14,112 pieces of fuel assemblies and with the current production of SF in the operated NPPs, and taking into account the planned start-up of the Mochovce 3, 4, NPP, it will be sufficient until 2022. Therefore, the project of extension capacity in ISFS is developed and under construction. SNF will be stored in this area in dry form. The fuel will be stored in special canisters and the removal of residual heat will be ensured by the air flowing chimney effect. This method of cooling the fuel is independent of electricity. In 2021, the construction of storage capacities began.

More information on the website of the Nuclear and Decommissioning Company – JAVYS, a.s.

Updated: 05.09.2022