New Website Launched for UJD SR

On September 28, 2021, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (UJD SR) launched a new website, which in terms of content and form meets the latest requirements and standards for information systems of the state administration.

The new website provides information to the general public through an intuitive graphic design in a user-friendly form. The website ensures the availability of information for disadvantaged visitors through the optimization of the so-called BlindFriendly function. The new website is also accessible to all electronic devices.

Please note:
At the moment, the English version of the website is still under construction and not all information is available in English. In case you have a problem finding any information on the new website, or you have comments, additions, requests for information, please contact us directly at info@ujd.gov.sk

Information for participants in the administrative proceedings of UJD SR on the commissioning of the MO34 nuclear power plant and those interested in the course of these administrative proceedings:

All information on the administrative proceedings in question can be found in the section Informing the public – Information on MO34 (Slovak version)

Updated: 01.10.2021