Temporary suspension of the administrative proceeding

After the preliminary evaluation of the documentation relevant to the application of SE, a. s. for issuing an authorization for commisionig of nuclear installation Mochovce Unit 3 and 4, SE, a. s. have also applied for the issuing of an authorization for early use of a building, issuing of an authorization for management of radioactive materials and spent nuclear fuel and issuing of an authorization for management of nuclear materials in nuclear installation. The Authority has started the preliminary evaluation of the documentation.

The Authority has mainly evaluated the document’s compliance with legislation. During the evaluation the Authority has closely cooperated with the applicant.

The result of the evaluation are the comments of the Authority on the documentation including the comments of the administrative proceeding of the participants, that the applicant needs to resolve, or he has to amend his application.

Based on the above-mentioned reasons, on the 28 of August 2017 the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic has issued a decision (decision No. 334-2017) of temporary suspension of the administrative proceeding in the matter of authorizations relevant for construction of the nuclear power plant Mochovce Unit 3 and 4.

The main reason for the temporary suspension of administrative proceeding are deficiencies of the application that are the result of the readiness of the nuclear installation MO 3 & 4 for performance of required tests and documentation of their results.

The Authority will continue in the individual administrative proceedings if the applicant, within the given deadline, removes all deficiencies of individual applications that are listed in the verdict of the decision.

The list of identified deficiencies will be publicly available on the Authority website and continuously updated (the information will be updated as the deficiencies will be resolved).

Updated: 26.10.2021