Removal of the application deficiencies

With issuing of the decision No. 334/2018 Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic has temporary suspended the administrative proceeding for issuing the authorization for commisioning of MO 3 & 4 and other relevant authorizations and it has also set the condition of continuation in the proceeding – removal of identified deficiencies in the documentation. The Authority has set a deadline for removal of these deficiencies to 15 February 2018.

SE, a. s. has constructively submitted documentation with removed deficiencies to the Authority and the Authority has constructively evaluated the correctness and the completeness of their removal. Result of the Authority evaluation is that the deficiencies in the documentation are resolved in the required extent and within the given deadline.

Removal of the deficiencies in the documentation does not mean that the administrative proceeding continues.

In order for the proceeding to continue it is necessary to reach adequate readiness of the installation of MO 3 & 4, requirements on which are defined in the Authority decision No. 334/2018 together with the deadlines for reaching them.

The administrative proceeding in the matter of issuing the authorization for commisioning of MO 3 & 4 remains suspended. It will only continue after the required readiness for commisioning and operation of MO 3 & 4 has been documented.

Updated: 26.10.2021