Publication of the basis for the second instance decision on Mochovce Unit 3

ÚJD SR informs the interested public that on January 24, 2022 it published a call for comments on the basis for the draft decision of the second-instance body and on the received appeals for the commissioning of the Mochovce Unit 3 nuclear facility and related proceedings.

The call is being delivered by a public decree to the participants in the proceedings, the authorities concerned and the public, while the delivery will be presumed on 8 February 2022.

ÚJD SR takes in consideration all comments and suggestions on published documents received until 1 March 2022, when the 21-day period commenting period expires.

For detailed information on the administrative proceeding on MO34 see: https://www.ujd.gov.sk/informovanie-verejnosti/informacie-k-mo-34/?lang=en

Updated: 25.01.2022