Operational event without the safety significance at NPP V-2 Bohunice

In the nuclear facility V-2 Jaslovské Bohunice on March 17, 2022, during a walk inspection, it was found that the insulation of the upper part of the sodium hydroxide storage tank in the chemical water treatment area was damaged. Due to the damage to the tank insulation, an insignificant leakage of sodium hydroxide into the working environment was recorded, no leakage into the environment occurred, none of the employees of Slovenské elektrárne, a. s. was injured during this event. The situation was monitored by the on-site fire brigade. Preventive measures were temporarily taken to restrict the movement of persons on site, which were canceled after a detailed assessment of the situation.

The chemical water treatment area has a service character and is situated separately and outside the buildings in which the main production equipment (or a safety-relevant equipment of the nuclear power plant) is installed. Operation of the nuclear power plant is not endangered as well as the radiation leakage has not happened and is without merit. The event has no impact on nuclear safety.

Updated: 21.03.2022