The Price List of costs associated with making copies and sending information

  1. Euro 0.02 for making one page of information, A4 format
    Euro 0.03 for making double sided copy of A4 format
    Euro 0.04 for making one page of information, A3 format
    Euro 0.06 for making double sided copy of A3 format
  2. Euro 0.65 for one blank diskette 3.5”
    Euro 1.66 for one CD ROM
  3. Envelope, format A6 – Euro 0.02
    A5 format – Euro 0.03
    A4 format – Euro 0.07
  4. 1. Costs associated with sending information according to the current price list of postal services.

Information sent by E-mail, fax or phone are provided free of charge.

Information, where the costs associated with making and sending information in summary does not exceed Euro 6.64, is provided for free.

An applicant, who submits a notarized copy of a Severely Disabled ID document indicating that he/she is visually or hearing impaired person, the information is provided free of charge even if the cost of copying and sending the information in total exceeds the amount of Euro 6.64.

Modified: 22.6.2016 16:35