The Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the SR together with the State Authority for Nuclear Safety in Prague publishes a professional magazine Safety of Nuclear Energy.
The magazine has been published since 1955 under the name “Jaderná energie” (Nuclear Energy), which in 1993 changed its name to its current name.

The magazine focuses on the following issues:

  • Nuclear safety of siting the construction,
  • Improving the operation and decommissioning of nuclear installations,
  • Nuclear and radiological safety of nuclear fuel cycle, especially in the part of spent fuel,
  • Safe treatment and disposal of radioactive waste,
  • Natural and artificial radioactivity in the environment,
  • Radiation protection and radiological dosimetry,
  • The method, instrumentation and facilities of nuclear technology.

Publishing of the magazine is managed by the editorial board in the composition: Ing. D.Burket, PhD , Ing. D. Drábová, Ph.D., Ing. L. Dubský, Ing. J. Hůlka,CSc.; Ing. Z.Kříž, Ing. P. Krs (predseda redakčnej rady); Ing. B. Lošonský; RNDr. D. Nikodémová, CSc.; Ing. S. Štech; Mgr. P. Šuleř, Ing. F. Šuranský; Ing; J. Tomek;Ing. K. Turek,CSc.; Ing. J. Zdebor, CSc.; RNDr. D. Zemanová; RNDr. M. Zrubec; Ing. M. Žiaková, CSc.

The magazine is published six times a year as a double issue with a circulation of 600 copies (together for Slovakia and the Czech Republic).
Both publishers, from the double issue 1/2 2008, provide individual copies of the magazine to the public free of charge.

Orders for subscription of the magazine should be sent to: (Orders are accepted only until the availability of the stock) (objednávky sú prijaté len do vyčerpania nákladu)
For Slovakia: ÚJD SR, Bajkalská 27, P.O. Box 24, 820 07 Bratislava 27, Tel.: 02/58 221 152, E-mail: info@ujd.gov.sk

Address of the editorial office: Senovážné náměstí 9, 110 00 Praha 1, tel.: +420 221 624 260, +420 224 223 070, fax: +421 221 624 704, e-mail: redakce.bje@sujb.cz , pavel.kovar@sujb.cz

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