Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia
In May 2008 a meeting of regulatory authorities of these three states and the Slovak Republic was held in Prague. Delegations exchanged mutually information on current regulatory activities and on events at NI during elapsed time. At the same time they discussed co-ordination in frame of European matters (WENRA, HLG, Slovenian EU chairmanship, etc.) and co-operation with IAEA. Participants were informed on planned increase of rated capacity of NPPs in individual countries and on pertinent construction of new NPP units in the future.

Meeting based on Agreement between the Government of the Slovak Republic and Government of Poland on Early Notifi cation of Nuclear Accident, on Exchange of Information and on Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection was held in Tatranska Lomnica in September 2008. Participants exchanged mutually information on news in the fi eld of regulatory organization, changes of legislation and on activities in the area of nuclear safety and radiation protection. Slovak delegation provided information on improvement of safety elements of units 3 and 4 of NPP Mochovce 3,4 as well as on planned schedule of NPP Bohunice V-2 safety increase and on status and perspective of NPP Bohunice V-1 decommissioning.

Bilateral meeting with representatives of Austrian Ministry of Foreign Aff aires as well as further ministries, regional governments based on Agreement between Government of ČSSR and Government of Austria on Issues of Common Interest in Connection with Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection was held in December 2008 in Austria. The Slovak side focused, among others, its presentation on informing about the newest legislation changes in nuclear fi eld, completion of units 3 and 4 of NPP Mochovce 3,4 and periodical evaluation of NPP Bohunice V-2. Radiation safety, emergency preparedness and radiation monitoring were further themes of negotiations.

Czech Republic
In October a regular annual bilateral meeting of Czech and Slovak regulators based on governmental agreement on exchange of information and co-operation was held. Activities of regulators concerning execution of supervision upon nuclear safety, which were performed since the last meeting created a framework for discussion. The Slovak side informed concerning process of review of documentation for completion of NPP Mochovce 3, 4 and consequent issue of NRA SR decision for continuation of NPP Mochovce 3, 4 construction.

Thanks to Slovakian and Ukrainian sides initiative and based on documents: “Proposal of the Support of the Slovak Republic for Ukraine while Fulfi lling the Action Plan EU – Ukraine” NRA SR together with State Committee of Ukraine for Nuclear Supervision organized a seminar, which was held in February in Kyiv. This seminar was focussed on harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in the fi eld of nuclear safety with EU legislation.

In June 2008 the chairman of Offi ce of Nuclear Safety of Nuclear Installations of France, Mr André-Claude Lacoste visited NRA SR. Besides meeting with the NRA SR Chairperson he visited NPP Mochovce, units 1 and 2 as well as units 3 and 4 under construction. Both sides expressed endeavour to renew and extend the Agreement between NRA SR and Directorate for safety of nuclear installations of France (DSIN) on exchange of information and co-operation in the area of supervision upon nuclear safety, the validity of which has already fi nished. New agreement should be concluded in 2009. On September 17, during the visit of Slovak Prime Minister, Mr. Robert Fico, in France an Agreement on Co-operation between Government of French Republic and Government of the Slovak Republic concerning peaceful use of nuclear energy was signed. NRA SR in cooperation with energy section of Ministry of Economy prepared this Agreement.

Commissionaire of US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC), Ms. Kristine L. Svinicky together with the suite, visited in October 2008 NRA SR. Meeting with Commissionaire was realized based on Regenerate &Agreement between NRA SR and US NRC on exchange of technical information and co-operation in the area of nuclear safety. Besides meeting with the Chairperson, Ms. Marta Žiaková, the commissionaire consequently visited NPP Bohunice V-2 and Technologies for treatment and Conditioning of Radioactive Waste of JAVYS,a.s. company.

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