The main activities of the authority have the basis in the Atomic Act, the membership of Slovakia in the European Union and in the international treaties and conventions. The main activities carried out by the Authority, include:

  • State regulation of nuclear safety of nuclear installations, as well as in the field of using nuclear energy, in the physical protection and in emergency planning;
  • Exercise of powers of a building authority for constructions of nuclear installations and constructions of nuclear-related installation located in the area bounded by the boundaries of a nuclear installation with the exception of powers in matters of zoning decision-making and expropriation;
  • Issuing implementing generally binding legal regulations in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy;
  • Licensing for activities under the Atomic Act;
  • Review and assessment of safety documentation;
  • Monitoring compliance with the principles and fulfilment of obligations under the Atomic Act, in the other general binding legal regulations issued pursuant thereto and in the NRA SR decisions;
  • Imposition of sanctions for breaches of obligations;
  • Monitoring fulfilment of obligations under international treaties and ensuring international cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy;
  • Informing the public about nuclear safety of nuclear installations in Slovakia and on its activities;
  • Approval of the size of the area at risk because of nuclear installation for the purposes of emergency planning;
  • Verification of professional competence of the staff of license holders;
  • Maintaining a state system for registration of nuclear materials.

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