Atomic Act and Decree of NRA SR No. 55/2006 on details concerning emergency planning in case of an incident or accident are in compliance with EU Directive No. 89/618 EURATOM on public information and provisions to protect health, which should be implemented, and on steps to be done in case of radiological emergency situation and with EU Decision No. 87/600 on establishment of set of arrangements of Community for urgent exchange of information in case of extraordinary radiological event. Both legislative regulations - Atomic Act and Decree- create prerequisites for realisation of activities and provisions, which lead to the identification and effective management of incidents or accidents at nuclear installations or during the transport of radioactive materials and consequently to the effective elimination of possibilities to threat the life, health or property of public or environment.

Emergency planning means a set of measures and procedures to identify and cope with incidents and accidents at nuclear installations, and to identify and mitigate and eliminate consequences of release of radioactive substances into the general environment upon managing radioactive materials, radioactive wastes or spent radioactive fuel, and upon transport of radioactive materials. The set of above mentioned provisions is a part of documentation, which constitutes emergency plans.

Modified: 22.6.2016 17:23