Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic as of 1 June 2015 has set up an anti-corruption hotline, which aims to improve the prevention of corruption.

Anti-corruption hotline is solely for reporting suspicions of corrupt behaviour of the staff of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic as the central state administration authority for nuclear regulation.

The anti-corruption hotline can be used for reporting complaints about suspected crime of accepting bribe, bribery, indirect bribery, electoral corruption and abuse of office in accordance with the relevant provisions of Act No. 300/2005 Coll. the Penal Code, as amended.

You can report your suspicions electronically to the E-mail address: korupcia@ujd.gov.sk

Complaints must contain concrete and verifiable information.

Suspicions may be submitted anonymously >> Report corruption

If you want to be informed of the outcome of the investigation of your complaint, you must enter your contact information: name, address, telephone and E-mail. In case you do not specify your contact information or incomplete contact details, the Authority will not be able to inform you about the outcome of the investigation of your complaint.

Anti-corruption hotline shall not be used for submitting complaints on anti-corrupt behaviour of regulated entities, for submitting complaints, notifications and petitions under special laws (e.g. 9/2010 Coll., 85/1990 Coll., 211/2000 Coll. etc.), nor for directly filing complaints that fall into the jurisdiction of law enforcement.

Modified: 26.8.2016 13:36