Ing. Marta Žiaková, CSc.


Born on November 23, 1955 in town Handlova, currently she lives in Trnava.

During period 1974 – 1979 she graduated at the Electrotechnical Faculty of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, specialization Technical Cybernetics – Automation Technology. She vindicated her scientific degree, PhD., in the area of technical cybernetics in 1984.

She started to work in company VUJE Trnava p.l.c. – engineering, design and research organization, where she took part in following expert trainings and stays.

1984 -1986

Training of employees having direct impact to nuclear safety related to the function nuclear installation chief engineer for NPP of VVER type

1986 - 1987

Slovak Technical University in Bratislava

Department of Engineering-Humanitarian sciences

Post-doctorate course: Educationist preparation of workers of Departmental Educational and Training Centre of Nuclear Power Plant Research Institute


General Physics Corporation, Maryland USA

Course: Systematic Approach to the Preparation and Management of Preparation of Workers.


PHARE Project Training Course

Upgrading of Management knowledge in the field of Nuclear Power Technology Use

Upgrading of Nuclear Safety Inspectors Knowledge and Experience


Karlsruhe, Germany

IAEA Training Course on Management Responsibilities in the Training and Qualification of the Nuclear Power Plant Personnel

Certificate of Training Completion

1996 - 2000

VUJE Trnava, p.l.c.

Courses for various aspects of manager work

In 1995 – 2002 she discharged various manager functions in the Educational and Training Centre related to NPP personnel preparation in VUJE, p.l.c. At this working place she was manager of a project Evaluation of NPP Safety and also she acted as a manager in two projects of IAEA technical co-operation Upgrading of NPP Personnel Training Infrastructure, a Simulator Training Programme Based on SAT Methodology. At the same time she was engaged as an expert in IAEA, Vienna, for preparation of personnel in frame of projects of technical co-operation for Hungary, and Iran. She acts as a lecturer in courses organized by IAEA. She is invited as an expert to the working advisory groups (AGM) in IAEA (e.g. AGM on Training Performance Indicators, AGM on SAT Potential Use for other Agency Training Activities, AGM on Education and Training in Nuclear Safety, etc...) She is a member of Slovak Nuclear Society.

On March 28, 2002 Ms. Marta Žiaková, PhD was appointed by the Slovak Government to be a Chairperson of Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic.

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