Legal and natural persons (i.e. organizations or individuals), can use nuclear materials, build, modify or operate nuclear installations (NI), decommission NI or manage RAW only upon license or authorization issued by the UJD SR.

Issuing licenses by the UJD SR is the first instrument to control legal and natural persons that use nuclear materials, manage RAW or who build, commission, operate or decommission NI. To obtain a license the applicant must demonstrate its ability to comply and fulfil all the requirements of the laws and decrees applicable in the Slovak Republic. The applicant must further demonstrate that the NI will be or is operated in a safe manner.

Operating license to operate nuclear power plants issued by the UJD SR to the operator - Slovenske elektrárne, a. s.

  • Bohunice V-2, issued by the NRA SR Decision No. 275/2008, valid until 10 November 2018
  • Mochovce 1&2, issued by NRA SR Decision No. 100/2011, valid until 4 March 2021

License for stage II of decommissioning of the nuclear power plant issued by the UJD SR to its operator - JAVYS, a. s.

  • Bohunice V-1, issued by the NRA SR Decision No. 900/2014, valid until 31 December 2016

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