At the request of the Government of the Slovak Republic, an international team of senior safety experts met representatives of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, UJD SR, the Public Health Authority, UVZ SR, the Ministry of Interior, MoI SR, and VUJE, from 24 February to 2 March 2015 to conduct the IRRS follow-up mission. The peer review took place at the headquarters of UJD SR in Bratislava. The purpose of the IRRS follow-up mission was to review the measures undertaken following the recommendations and suggestions of the 2012 IRRS Mission.

The review compared the Slovak Republic regulatory framework for safety against IAEA safety standards as the international benchmark for safety. The mission was also used to exchange information and experience between the IRRS team members and their counterparts from Slovakia in the areas covered by the IRRS.

The IRRS team concluded that the recommendations and suggestions from the 2012 IRRS missions have been taken into account systematically by a comprehensive action plan. Significant progress has been made in many areas and many improvements have been implemented in accordance with the action plan.

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