Decommissioning of nuclear installations represents set of administrative and technical activities which are necessary to be done after operation termination with the aim to exclude the nuclear installation from the scope of Atomic Act. The licence holder is obliged to ensure the decommissioning including necessary financial means. The decommissioning stage can be started only based on UJD SR authorization. The holder of license for decommissioning stage is responsible for decommissioning.

NPP A-1 and two experimental facilities for RAW treatment on site Bohunice are under decommissioning in the Slovak Republic at present.

On 23 December 2014 UJD SR issued its Decision 900/2014 authorizing the second stage of decommissioning of NPP Bohunice V-1, effective from 1 January 2015. Completion of the second stage, according to the submitted documentation, is expected by 2025, while the final condition of the site at the end of the second stage will be a brownfield (released for limited use). After the final inspection the site will be released from the control by regulatory authorities. In addition to this power plant, other facilities in decommissioning in Slovakia include NPP A-1 and one experimenal facility for  RAW treatment at the Bohunice site.  

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