Technologies for Treatment and Conditioning of Radioactive Waste - Jaslovské Bohunice

Operator: JAVYS, a. s.

TSÚ RAO include two bituminisation lines, Bohunice treatment centre for radioactive waste (BSC RAO), fragmentation line, large capacity decontamination line, workplace for treatment of used HVAC filters, waste water treatment station and RAW storage. Bituminisation lines are designed for treatment of radioactive concentrates from operation of NPPs to 200 litre drums, which before their final disposal are placed into fibre-concrete containers (FCC). Part of the processing technology of bituminisation lines is the discontinuous bituminisation line (DBL), which serves for fixing the sorbents into bitumen matrix. BSC RAO serves as the main facility for final treatment of RAW prior to their disposal at the National Repository for radioactive waste in Mochovce (RÚ RAO). For treatment and conditioning of RAW, in addition to cementation, also incineration, fragmentation, high pressure compacting and increasing concentration by evaporation are used. Resulting products of treatment and conditioning of RAW are placed into FCCs, which comply with the conditions for disposal at RÚ RAO Mochovce.

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