NRA SR established of its staff members an Emergency Headquarters for a work in ERC.

Main functions of EHQ are as follow:

  • to analyse status of nuclear installation
  • to prepare prognoses of accident development and radiological impact to the population and environment and based on that to suggest recommendations to protect public to prepare working materials and recommendation for the office chairperson, who is a member of State Central Crisis Headquarters
  • to co-operate with Operational Expert Group (OEG),
  • to execute supervision upon activities of licence holder during the emergency
  • to inform EU, IAEA and neighbouring countries in frame of international commitments of the Slovak Republic, which are under auspices of NRA SR (multilateral and bilateral agreements) and to inform public and media.

Emergency headquarters works in four successions in order to assure continuity of their work also during the real events, which can lasts much more longer than 8 hours. Every succession has its own management consisting of chairman, its assistant and leaders of individual groups. Groups are divided as follow:

- reactor safety group
- radiation protection group
- mobile dosimetry group
- logistic group
- information group
- site inspector group

Reactor safety group
Reactor safety group prepares analyses and standpoints with an accent to possibility to enable judgement of activities of NPP operation licence holder, who has, solving situation, to direct to the quickest transfer of facility to the safe state and to prevent or mitigate radioactive material release to rooms of nuclear installation and surroundings. To fulfil this task the group makes monitoring, analyses and evaluates current status of nuclear installation and basic safety functions Forecasts development of nuclear facility technological status with a particular stress to status of the core and barriers preventing release of radioactive materials to rooms of installation as well as to surroundings. Makes monitoring, analyses and evaluation of activities of licence holder with a stress to the procedures applied by him to solve situation.

Radiation protection group
This group gathers data concerning radiation and meteorology situation and meteorology prognosis. Based on this data this group evaluates risks following irradiation of public and personnel, prepares current prognoses and analyses and suggests protection measures. Group prepares analyses and stand points with particular stress to avoid, solving situation, an unjustified irradiation of NPP personnel and that the activities of NPP operation licence holder were directed towards prevention or mitigation of consequences for public and environment. To fulfil these tasks the group of radiation protection: Performs monitoring, analyses and evaluation of situation from the point of view of protection against harmful effects of ionising radiation at NPP; performs monitoring, analyses and evaluation of potential or real release of radioactive materials into NPP rooms and surroundings. Forecasts propagation of radioactive materials in NPP surroundings and monitors, analyses and evaluates development of situation in surroundings of nuclear installation Makes monitoring, analyses and evaluation of licence holder activities from the point of view of by him applied countermeasures to protect personnel, public and environment. Evaluates and suggests measures and procedures directed towards prevention or mitigation of accident consequences

Subgroup of mobile dosimetry
This group is a part of radiation protection group. It makes monitoring of situation from the point of view of protection against harmful effects of ionising radiation in terrain and measured values continually reports to office Emergency Headquarters. These values are used as basic for a work of Radiation protection group.

Information group
This group is charged to gather, co-ordinate and prepare general information and particular information in compliance with commitment of the Slovak Republic and international agreements in force. This group assures preparation and provision of information and messages for governmental and parliamentary organizations, public and media and assures monitoring and evaluation of news from media needed for office Emergency headquarters. The group informs, according to bilateral agreements, neighbouring countries and emergency centres of EU and IAEA.

Logistic support group
This group assures that the emergency headquarters will have available all necessary for its work solving emergency situation, including administrative arrangements. This group assures material and technical performance of EHQ and provides for necessary service and and administrative services. To assure necessary material and technical means as well as human resources, or their substitution for functions, which are fulfilled by Office in case of emergency due to the accident at the nuclear installations. The stress of activities of this group is targeted to operability of ERC information system, communication lines and delivery of administrative material/equipment necessary for activities of this group is the objective

Sub-group of site inspectors
This group of site inspectors being a sub-group of Reactor Safety Group represents the office in the emergency control centre of NPP operation licence holder, performs supervision upon his activities, in determined intervals it sends messages to the office emergency headquarters. and prepares situation reports for chairman of emergency headquarters.

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