Environmental monitoring of radiation within Slovakia

In accordance with Section § 5 par. 5 j) of the Act No. 355/2007 Coll. on the protection, support and development of public health and on amendments to certain laws as amended, the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic performs monitoring of radiation situation and data collection in the Slovak Republic for the purpose of assessing the exposure and evaluation of impact of radiation on public health, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of SR, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of SR, Ministry of Defence of SR, Ministry of Environment of SR, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of SR, Ministry of Agriculture of SR and Ministry of Economy of SR creates radiation monitoring network and provides and manages the activities of the radiation monitoring network (RMN).

The radiation monitoring network is a controlled system of technically, professionally and personally equipped workplaces, organizationally linked to the needs of radiation situation monitoring and data collection in the Slovak Republic, created by the Public Health Authority in cooperation with the above stated central administration authorities.

Modified: 16.8.2016 17:14