Bilateral cooperation is performed on the governmental level, especially concerning neighboring countries, and on the level of regulatory bodies supervising nuclear and radiation safety. In 2010 bilateral talks with Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and the quadrilateral talks with Hungary, CR and Slovenia were held.

Moreover, based on results of bilateral negotiations with Austria expert talks - technical workshops, agreed between representatives of NRA and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management of Austria, were held on specifi c topics: 1. Severe accidents related to Mochovce 3.4 (15/12/2009) 2. Containment and vacuum-bubbler system Mochovce 3.4 (28/04/2010) 3. Site seismic activity and seismic reinforcement of NPP Mochovce 3.4 (14/07/2010). During the expert seminars all questions sent in advance were discussed and in case of necessity the answers were subsequently extended. Slovak party signaled openness to the question concerning the organization of further expert meetings.

NRA SR maintains contacts and develops cooperation with regulatory bodies of U.S., France, Sweden, Finland, UK, Ukraine, Russian Federation and Germany. In September, a renewed agreement between NRA SR and Nuclear Regulatory Commission of United States on the Exchange of Technical Information and Cooperation in the fi eld of nuclear safety, where both institutions expressed a common interest to continue within their competence in information exchange in the fi eld of commercial nuclear reactors and cooperation concerning supervisory matters was signed. The new agreement was also signed between NRA SR and France‘s regulatory authority - ASN (Autorité de Sureté Nucléaire) on information exchange and cooperation in the fi eld of supervision upon nuclear safety and radiation protection on June 08, 2010.

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