Council Directive 2014/87/EURATOM of 8 July 2014 amending the Directive 2009/71/EURATOM, establishing the Community framework for the nuclear safety of nuclear installations of the European Union requires that the Member States of the European Union shall conduct Topical Peer Review (TPR) every six years, with the first review being conducted in 2017. The objective of the Topical Peer Review process, as agreed by ENSREG, is:

  • to enable participating countries to review their measures for ageing management of nuclear power plants, to identify good practice and areas for improvement,
  • to conduct European peer review, to share operational experience and to identify common issues faced by the EU Member States,
  • to provide an open and transparent framework for participating countries, to identify appropriate follow-up measures to remedy areas for improvement.

This requirement can be found in the national legislative: Atomic Act (Act No. 541/2004 Coll.), in the § 4, Section (1), letter o).

Topical Peer Review "Ageing Management"

The EU Member States, acting through ENSREG, agreed that the topic for the first Topical Peer Review will be ageing management. The task is further specified and its scope is outlined in the document "Report Topical Peer Review 2017 - Ageing Management, Technical Specification for the National Assessment Reports", developed by WENRA and approved by ENSREG.

National Assessment Report of the Slovak Republic for the Purposes of Topical Peer Review on Ageing Management under the Nuclear Safety Directive 2014/87/EURATOM

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