Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia:
On April 18 – 20, 2007 a meeting of regulatory authorities of these three states and the Slovak Republic was held in Slovenian city Portorož. Delegations informed mutually on regulatory authorities, on the most important events at nuclear facilities during elapsed year, on development in the area of nuclear safety in respective country. Substantial part of negotiations was devoted to co-ordination of regulators participating in international organizations, particularly in IAEA, EU and WENRA. More technical oriented meeting of representatives of four regulators with safety culture of supplier area organized in June 2007 was linked with above mentioned meeting.

Meeting based on Agreement between the Government of the Slovak Republic and Government of Poland on Early Notifi cation of Nuclear Accident, on Exchange of Information and on Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection was held in Krynica on August 21-23, 2007. Participants of both sides exchanged mutually information and experience in regulatory activities in the area of nuclear safety and radiation protection. Slovak side used meeting to inform Poland on current development in the fi eld of nuclear power with a stress on completion of NPP Mochovce 3 and 4.

Common 15th meeting of representatives of governmental authorities and experts of both states was held in Vienna on June 26-28, 2007 based on Agreement between Government of ČSSR and Government of Austria on Issues of Common Interest in Connection with Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection. Issues related to completion of NPP Mochovce 3 and 4 and Study of evaluation of impact to the environment during decommissioning of NPP V-1 Bohunice were items of meeting programme. Austrian side provided information concerning particularly changes in their legislation in the area of radiation protection.

Czech Republic:
On November 20 and 21, 2007 a bilateral meeting based on governmental agreement on exchange of information and co-operation was held. In course of the meeting the experts exchanged mutually information on regulatory experience concerning operation of NPPs in the recent period. Information on decision of SE, a.s. concerning completion of NPP Mochovce 3 and 4 was the key information from the side of Slovak regulator. The importance of the mutual co-operation is also underlined by the fact that chairperson of SUJB is at the moment chairperson of Association of Western Nuclear Regulators (WENRA).

Based on NRA SR initiative a meeting with representatives of Italian regulatory authority APAT was held December 2007. During two days meeting the representatives of both regulators mutually exchanged information on regulator activities, the most important events at nuclear installations for elapsed year and on development in the area of nuclear safety and radwaste management in their respective countries.

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