Supervisory activities concerning the nuclear safety during transport of nuclear material are perform in compliance with Atomic Act, Decree No. 57/2006 and took into account international standards and recommendations.

Prior to NPP commissioning and putting it in operation it is necessary to bring fresh nuclear fuel to NPP. All fresh fuel for our nuclear power plants has been transported from Russian Federation or from Soviet Union respectively. The fresh fuel is transported by railways in special transport containers TK-S4 made in Russia. Four fuel assemblies can be placed in one container. The fresh nuclear fuel is stored in the storage facility for fresh fuel (see paragraph dealing with management of fresh nuclear fuel and spent nuclear fuel).

After reactor uploading and prescribed storage period the spent nuclear fuel is transferred to the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility. Transport container of type C-30 with cartridge T-12 or KZ-48 containing 30 or 48 spent nuclear assemblies are used for transport. Design of container C-30 and cartridges T-12 and KZ-48 assure the sub-criticality of fuel, residual heat removal and shielding. The container C-30 is placed on special carriage and under strict safety conditions it is transported to the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility.

Besides above mentioned requirements concerning sub-criticality, residual heat removal and shielding, which are elements of nuclear and radiation safety much of attention is devoted to a physical protection of nuclear materials. Commitment to assure the physical protection of nuclear materials was taken by the Slovak Republic through the accession to the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials. Considering provisions securing physical protection of transports of nuclear materials UJD SR takes into account also the law No. 215/2004 on protection of classified materials. Regarding mentioned legal regulations the data concerning transport of nuclear materials and physical protection of nuclear materials are confidential.

Inspectors from the department of nuclear materials execute inspections of all transports of both fresh and spent nuclear fuels as well as inspections of Uranium concentrate. During the inspections of transports of nuclear materials inspectors have not found any important insufficiencies. All conditions required by the Atomic Act and decisions of UJD SR were observed.

An approval of package assemblies for transport of nuclear materials is an important part of department of nuclear materials. In the past various package assemblies were reviewed and approved.

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