Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia
On June 1st and 2nd 2006 a meeting of regulatory authorities of these three states and the Slovak Republic was held in Hungarian city Balatonfüred. Delegations informed mutually on current development in individual regulatory authorities, on events having impact to the nuclear safety as well as on changes in legislation and work organisation. Also experience resulting from evaluation based on Joint convention on the safety of spent fuel management and safe radwaste treatment at the premises of the IAEA was subject of negotiations. Representatives addressed also development of situation during the meetings of EU committees and co-ordination of stand points in these committees.

Meeting based on Agreement between the Government of the Slovak Republic and Government of Poland on Early Notification of Nuclear Accident , on Exchange of Information and on Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection was held in Bratislava on October 24-25, 2006. Representatives of both sides exchanged mutually information and experience in the area of legislation changes concerning peaceful use of nuclear energy, they addressed the control of radioactive materials on the border crossings as well as on the effort of Poland to createnew radio-diagnostic centres (delegation visited company BIONT, a.s.) and on public information. Both sides exchanges stand points to some issues currently discussed in EU.

14. Common meeting of representatives of governmental authorities and experts of both states was held in Vienna on November 13th and 14th, 2006 based on Agreement between Government of ČSSR and Government of Austria on Issues of Common Interest in Connection with Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection. During meeting information concerning nuclear safety, radiation protection emergency planning and radwaste treatment were presented. Besides mentioned items also conclusions of the study on impact to the environment - EIA prepared in relation to the shut down and decommissioning of NPP V-1 units in Jaslovske Bohunice were addressed. Slovak side had an opportunity to visit research centres in Seibersdorf where the information on decommissioning process of research reactor was presented.

Czech Republic
On November 29th and 30th, 2006 a bilateral meeting based on governmental agreement on exchange of information and co-operation was held. In course of the meeting the experts exchanged mutually information on regulatory experience concerning operation of NPPs in the recent period as well as on some issues in the field of physical protection of nuclear materials and nuclear installations. The importance of mutual co-operation is also stressed by the fact that the chairperson is a member of Nuclear safety board of SUJB and a vice versa the chairperson of SUJB is the member of Nuclear safety board of UJD SR. Slovak delegation had a possibility to visit a mine „Richard“ by the town Litomerice, where also Slovak company dealing with radwaste treatment takes part in the research project financed by European Communities.

Germany The co-operation continues through regular exchange of information on operation safety of nuclear installations. Besides the co-operation with German Association for safety of nuclear installations kept running. In frame of this co-operation, e.g., the participation of Slovak expert in the seminar on nuclear installation decommissioning was realized.

Within the scope of co-operation with the „Centre for international business and safety“ established by the University of Georgia State UJD SR in conjunction with University organised in Bratislava on October 23rd and 24th 2006 an international scientific workshop under name „Social and psychological effects of radiological terrorism“, in which invited experts from NATO member states and from Russia took part. The workshop underlined the international co-operation in the fight against possibly radiological terrorism. In frame of the 50th IAEA general Conference a bilateral meeting of representatives of nuclear regulatory authorities of U.S.A. (Nuclear Regulatory Commission - NRC) and of the Slovak Republic with presence of both chairpersons of both offices, Ms. Ziakova and new NRC chairman Mr. Klein was held. UJD SR chairperson remembered a fruitful co-operation which has been running since the establishment of Slovak office and the assistance, which has been provided for UJD SR since the start. The chairman of US NRC was interested in the current situation in the area of nuclear safety in the Slovak Republic and readily promised to continue in co-operation particularly concerning training of Slovak experts.

On September 29th and 30th, 2006 a bilateral meeting based on governmental Agreement between the Slovak Government and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Early Notification of Incidents, Exchange of Information and Co-operation in the Area of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection was held in Ukraine. In course of the meeting the Ukrainian side expressed again an interest to be acquainted with Slovak experience on EU accession process to EU. Both sides provided information on changes in the legislation, which deals with the nuclear safety and information on procedure while approving three-side agreement on transport of nuclear materials.

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