The license holder, Slovenské elektrárne, a. s., (SE, a. s.) performed a periodic nuclear safety assessment for the NPP Mochovce Units 1 & 2 (hereinafter only as "EMO 1, 2 NPP"). A periodic assessment was performed for the state of nuclear power plant as at 31 March 2017, i.e. as at the date stipulated in the UJD SR Decision No. 100/2011.

The report "The review of the periodic assessment of EMO 1, 2 NPP" documents the results of the UJD SR review of the periodic assessment conducted by SE, a. s. UJD SR reviewed the results of the periodic assessment including the integrated plan for the implementation of proposed corrective actions and safety improvements to remove identified negative findings. The review, carried out within the framework of the UJD SR inspection No. 306/2018, was aimed at veryfiyng compliance of the results of periodic assessment with the actual status and requirements of generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, the Western European Nuclear Regulators Association (WENRA) reference levels, the International Atomivc Energy Agency (IAEA) safety standards and the good practice.

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