NRA SR SR Emergency Plan is a set of organizational and technical arrangements with the objective to optimize activities of the Office during events at nuclear installations. It consists of emergency regulations, which describe main activities of UJD SR in emergency situations. Emergency regulations have been created step-by-step in compliance with the concept of UJD SR emergency preparedness. Activities described in these regulations are permanently evaluated and updated based on emergency exercises and trainings and also based on state of art knowledge in this field but also based on organizational changes and hardware equipment improvement in office emergency response centre (ERC).

Extent of emergency plan is determined by practical and anticipated activities which will be performed by the Office as countermeasures in all modes of ERC performance. Assurance of these activities is determining for specified extent of emergency regulations in Office emergency plan and in its individual parts.

Part I. - Administration

guides explaining the way of EP preparation concerning the administrative needs and requirements, that is format, arrangements, approval, updating, revision and checking

Part II. - Emergency organisation

guides describing in particular the internal organisation of office Emergency Headquarters and ERG including notification and activation as well as activities during the activation .

Part III. - Reactor safety

guides for activities to determine NPP technical status based on specific parameters of unit and for activities of reactor safety group and site inspector group

Part IV. - Source term

guides for quantitative and qualitative evaluation of source term character and radioactive release during the accident

Part V. - Exposure and radiation protection of public

guides for determination and suggestion of protective measures depending on plum propagation, expected and received doses and for activities of radiation protection group and mobile dozimetry group

Part VI. -Monitoring

guides for EHQ UJD SR activity in the area of monitoring by means of TDS and by means of the UJD SR mobile dosimetry group

Part VII. - Communication and connection

guides to assure communication among the participating organisations and co-operating state authorities i.e. NPP, SHMI, SURMS, NECRA, and for informing EU, IAEA, state authorities and media.

Part VIII. - Testing and maintenance of ERC equipment

guides to assure permanent functioning of all ERC equipment and equipment supporting activities of ERC in case of emergency

Part IX. - ERC activity in case of radiological event on Slovak territory except of NPP´s

guides to assure the ERC activity in case of emergency challenged by the threat of an event or event caused by other type of radiation event for example occurring during the transport of radioactive material or radioactive waste or in case of radiation accident on territory of the Slovak Republic with consequences to surrounding countries.

Part X. - ERC activity in case out of Slovak territory

guides for ERC activities in case of threat of radiation emergency caused by the event abroad

Part XI. - Activity of Information group

guides for activities of ERC information group, activation of its technical equipment, and guides for preparation and release of reports, news etc.

Part XII. -Activity of Logistic group

guides for activities of logistic group, description of arrangements, manuals for attendance of equipment, lists of supporting materials and documents, databases use, etc

Part XIII. - Education and training of Emergency Headquarters members

guides for systematic preparation of Emergency Headquarters members by means of various forms e.g. lectures, training, drills and exercises.

Part XIV.

guides for determination of protection measures based on cloud propagation, anticipated and received

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