National Report of The Slovak Republic , september 2001

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5.4 Planned safety improvement activities at nuclear installations

With the implementation of NPP Bohunice V-1 and NPP Mochovce safety improvement programs implemented, the most important long-term program is currently the „NPP Bohunice V-2 Units Upgrading and Safety Improvement Program“ ( hereinafter „Upgrading Program“).

The objectives of the NPP Bohunice V-2 Upgrading Program include:

  1. achievement of the required unit operation safety through reaching the probability targets according to IAEA recommendations (INSAG 3) for the NPP in operation,
  2. extension of the NPP Bohunice V-2 units lifetime to a minimum of 40 years, in accordance with the development plan of SE, a.s.´s production and technological base,
  3. increase unit output (from reserves and through improved efficiency of the units).

Improvements of the nuclear safety and operating reliability standards is a continuous and long-term process, and some works on the NPP Bohunice V-2 units upgrading have already been implemented during the preceding years.

The project „NPP V-2 Nuclear Safety and Seismic Resistance Improvement“ was started in 1994. Above all, the project deals with the tasks laid down in the following documents:

  • IAEA suggestions and recommendations for V-213 reactor safety improvement (according to the document EBP WWER-03),
  • tasks laid down in ÚJD decisions, in particular Resolution No. 4/96.

The drafting of the Safety Concept (BK) was started in 1998; as soon as approved at NPP Bohunice and by the regulatory bodies, it will become the key background document for the drafting of project and safety documentation of the „NPP V-2 Upgrading Program“. Part 1 of the Safety Concept has been drafted, with its outputs being specification and summarizing of issues:

  • safety (typical of WWER-440/V-213 units),
  • operation,
  • connected with the lifetime extension improvement of unit efficiency and output),
  • relating to upgrading tasks according to their relationship to operating systems, and suggestions for their solution (with the assessment of the opportunity of using solutions that already have been implemented at NPP Mochovce and at NPP V-1).

The document „Account of Meeting Recommendations to „NPP WWER 440, Model 213 Safety Issues“ of the IAEA Document EBP-WWER-03 and their actual status for NPP Bohunice V-2 units, has been drafted and presented to ÚJD, comprising:

  • principles and recommendations for designing of systems within the program,
  • assessment of design changes under development,
  • solutions to individual issues at the level of the inception safety report, technical terms of reference for design,
  • safety review of variant solutions,
  • setting of priorities for gradual implementation of the upgrading-connected tasks.

The ”Account on Meeting of Recommendations to NPP WWER 440, Model 213 Safety Issues“ from IAEA Document EBP-WWER-03 and their actual status for NPP Bohunice V-2 units“ also includes new ÚJD requirements deriving from Resolution No. 214/2000 in which ÚJD imposes to develop terms of reference - project for individual safety measures, to implement safety category III measures by 2004, category II safety measures by 2006, and other measures from the Safety Concept by 2008. By presenting the said document to SE, a.s. the principal requirements of Resolution No. 214/2000 have been met.

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