National Report of The Slovak Republic, september 2001

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4.8 Public relations

Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. and Act No. 211/200 Coll.LL. (Freedom of Information Act ) represent the legal framework for public relations. Operators of nuclear installations are responsible, pursuant to Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. (§24(4)) to notify ÚJD on events at the facilities operated and, in case of an incident or accident, have also to inform the public and the media. According the latest act the operator is in addition responsible to provide information to the public on nuclear safety, which is not a classified information.
In their information centers and in the form of excursions, operators of nuclear power plants at Mochovce and Bohunice provide interested parties of various age categories, in particular from schools, throughout the year with information and data on the nuclear facilities operated, on ionizing radiation, climatic changes, sustainable development, etc. Premises of NPP Bohunice and NPP Mochovce are visited by 10 to 12 thousands visitors from whole Slovakia and from abroad yearly. Safety improvement at NPP Bohunice V-1 and V-2 units and start up of NPP Mochovce units markedly influenced the life in the regions, thus at the same time contributing towards an appropriate bilateral communication with the vicinity . Apart from the monthly „Spravodajstvo SE, a.s.“ (ES, a.s.´s News), also regional monthlies „Bohunice“ and „Mochovce“ assist a forthcoming and transparent communication; they are distributed free of charge in the area, and offer continuous , open and transparent information to the public on recent developments in the nuclear power plant and nuclear power system in general. In addition to spreading information in the regions, NPP also make a general contribution towards the infrastructure of the regions, with the main priorities including support to the health sector, sector of education, social institutions, culture and sports. Also important is the transfer of information between NPP and special-interested regional associations at villages Jaslovské Bohunice and Vráble.

ÚJD provides information in the area of its competencies, in particular concerning operational safety of nuclear power generating installations, independently of NI operators, and enables the public and the media to verify the data and information on nuclear installations. An important element of the informing is the demonstration that uses of nuclear energy in Slovakia follow binding rules, and their fulfillment is controlled by state through an independent authority.

Every year, ÚJD sends to press agencies , dailies and electronic media 70 - 80 articles concerning its domestic and international activities. ÚJD, along with State Authority for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic (SÚJB) publish the professional periodical „Safety of the Nuclear Power Sector“ with articles of principal importance on important activities of both nuclear authorities appearing there. Domestic and international activities of ÚJD are also published in „Bulletin of the Slovak Nuclear Society (SNUS)” and in ÚJD Bulletins. ÚJD regularly contributes to the world information agency NucNet and publishes, every year, an annual report that contain results of ÚJD activities and data on the safety of nuclear installations . The Annual Report is published in Slovak and English languages. ÚJD´s information center develops special-topics materials, video-clips, they organize press conferences, and consultations. Special attention was paid in 2001 to the implementation of Act No. 211/2000 Coll.LL. on provision of information and materials requested by the public.

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