National Report of The Slovak Republic, september 2001

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4.7.6 Maintenance of emergency preparedness systems

The staff at branch plants SE-EBO, SE-EMO and SE-VYZ are classified into 4 categories depending on the extent of emergency training:

  • Category I - staff staying at NI over short periods of time (visitors, excursions, etc.);
  • category II - staff permanently working at NI;
  • category III - ERO staff ;
  • category IV - mayors of villages and towns within the emergency planning zone.

The training includes two parts:

  • theoretical training,
  • practical training.

Emergency training of the power plant staff is organized within training sessions, according to their corresponding category. Emergency training of shift staff represent a separate part of the training. Emergency drills, so-called shift emergency drills, are organized twice a year for each shift. Once a year, whole-site emergency drill is organized under the participation of all employees of the respective branch plant.

A separate emergency drill is the large scale emergency exercise that usually is organized within the whole-site emergency drill in cooperation with KKRH, OKRH, KRH SR, ERC ÚJD and/or other ERO components (firefighter teams, medical staff, army, etc.). Such drills are organized regularly at yearly intervals, as a rule with the participation of ERC ÚJD and some KKRH or OKRH. The most recent collaborative drill under the participation of KRH SR, OSG and SÚRMS was organized in October 1997.

After the completion of drills, their course is being evaluated by observers and jury, and measures are taken to improve the activities of the individual ERO components. The implementation of such measures is subsequently verified upon and reviewed by the branch plant management.

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