National Report of The Slovak Republic, september 2001

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4.7.4 Off-site emergency plans (population protecting plans)

Of site emergency plans in case of nuclear accident of a nuclear installation are developed by Regional and District Offices of jurisdiction over areas located within the region at risk, defined as an area of 30 km in diameter for SE-EBO and 20 km for SE-EMO. Villages located in the territory at risk develop of site emergency plans for the case of nuclear accident of a nuclear installation . The of site emergency plans are linked to internal emergency plan of NI operator who is liable to present to developers of site emergency plans background documents concerning the hazards expected to occur upon an incident or accident .

Of site emergency plans are being developed under coordination on the part of MV SR and are subject to review by ÚJD and other state administration authorities, and having received approval by the Head of the corresponding Regional or District Office, they are submitted to MV SR for approval.

Upon the occurrence of an extraordinary situation that is of the nature of a radiation event at nuclear installation , Regional, District and Community Offices take care of measures under of site emergency plans . For this purpose, they establish Regional or District Commissions for Radiation Accidents that have the status of an advisory, coordinating and steering body to the Head of the corresponding Regional or District Office on matters of standard provision for the development and implementation of measures to protect the population and the economy upon the occurrence of a radiation event. The activities of the said commissions run under the umbrella of KRH SR that is the steering, advisory and coordinating body of the Slovak government. To prevent risk of delays in fulfilling tasks connected with protection of the population, KKRH and OKRH and/or KRH SR are part of the national emergency response organization (hereinafter „ERO“).

Upon the occurrence of a radiation event associated with release of radioactive substances, NI operator in accordance with on-site emergency plan, Population Protection Plan and based on evaluation of the situation concerning the technology, identification of the source, values measured by the teledosimetric system, first measurements of the radiation situation in the NI environment and the meteorological situation, takes care without any delay of the warning of and communication to the population in the territory at risk. Subsequently, state administration authorities, local state administration and villages take care of further unavoidable and subsequent measures consisting mainly of nuclear prophylaxis, hiding and/or evacuation, a.o. The said measures are to be implemented in territories affected by the consequences of the radiation event, including territories to which consequences of the extraordinary event may spread as suggested by forecasts.

Suggestions for measures to protect the population come and are taken care of at all levels of the state administration management and of the sectors involved.

For consequences of a radiation event exceeding the territory of a single district, measures concerning protection of the population are coordinated by the Regional Office of jurisdiction. For radiation events whose impacts exceed the territory of a single region, the Slovak Government declares and recalls emergency situation for the territory at risk to contain the impacts of the accident.

Upon radiation events, KRH SR continuously monitors KKRH activities, makes decisions to support the implementation of the necessary measures of the of -site emergency plans , creates conditions for their implementation, reviews the activities and coordinates the activities of regional commissions. Similarly, KKRH coordinates activities of district commissions under its jurisdiction. For this purpose, KRH SR takes conclusions and recommendations by expert and supporting units (such as OSG, ERC ÚJD, SÚRMS) that as a rule closely cooperate also with KKRH and OKRH.

The responsibility for monitoring and evaluation of radiation situation in case of a radiation event is with SÚRMS. Emergency transportation orders

For the purposes of transportation and movements of nuclear fuel, spent nuclear fuel, nuclear materials and radioactive wastes, the carrier develops, pursuant to Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. and ÚJD Decree No. 45/1999 Coll.LL. emergency transportation orders (HDP). The purpose of such HDP is to provide for preventive and protective measures for the case of an accident or incident during the transportation. NI operator (SE, a.s.) develops HDP for the transportation of said materials on roads and railroads under his administration. The Railways of the Slovak Republic (ŽSR) develop emergency transportation schedules for transportation in the territory of the Slovak Republic on railroads. Having been reviewed by ÚJD and other bodies involved, HDP is submitted to Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic for approval.

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