National Report of The Slovak Republic, september 2001

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4.7.3 Operator’s on-site plans

On-site emergency plans and the related documents are developed so as to provide for the protection and preparation of the staff for the case of the occurrence of a significant leakage of radioactive substances into the working environment or the surroundings, and measures will have to be taken to protect the health of people at the level of the nuclear installation or of the population in adjacent areas.

In-site emergency plan mainly describes:

  • the system of classification of events, evaluation procedures,
  • the organization structure of emergency response and the responsibilities within it,
  • the system of communication and warning of the population and of the NI staff,
  • protective measures and method of their implementation,
  • medical measures plan,
  • principles of recovery,
  • cooperating external organizations and bodies,
  • the system of training of staff and members of emergency response organization,
  • methods of educating and informing of the public.

The aim is to provide for the activity of the emergency response organization (ERO), i.e. planning and preparation of organizational, personnel and material and technical means and measures to successfully manage crisis and emergency situations according to the classification of the event. ERO comprises the following units:

  • Emergency Control Center (ESC) is a workplace that coordinates the activities of ERO units in implementing measures to mitigate consequences of level 2 and 3 events. It is responsible for informing the public, cooperates with the Regional and District Emergency Commission and external bodies and organizations,
  • Center of Technical Support (TPS) is part of ECC and provides assistance to the operating staff of the unit control room in managing events classified as level 2 or 3,
  • Center of Operating Support (PPS) is part of ECC and its activities are oriented towards staff protection, evaluation of radiation situation, development forecasts, development and implementation of measures adopted at the nuclear installation site,
  • External Evaluation Center (VVS) located outside of the nuclear installation site, is responsible for radioactivity monitoring and estimation of doses in NPP surroundings, as well as for the development of first recommendations concerning protection of the population.

The information flows start as early as upon the occurrence of an event (§24 of Act No.130/1998 Coll.LL.) that is notified to ÚJD, the Slovak Energy Control Center (SED) and subsequently to the emergency service of SE, a.s.

As soon as an emergency situation has occurred, information have to be provided to the regulatory bodies (ÚJD, SHI), SE, a.s. Headquarters, Slovak Center of the Radiation Monitoring Network Center (SÚRMS) and emergency commissions at the regional level (regional and district). Information flows on the condition of the technological equipment and of critical safety-relevant functions between NPP and ERC ÚJD are organized on-line, pursuant to Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. and the agreement made between SE, a.s. and ÚJD.

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