National Report of The Slovak Republic, september 2001

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4.7.1 Emergency preparedness related legislation

For the time being, legislation applicable to emergency preparedness is based on acts and decrees of ministries with the largest share on emergency preparedness and emergency planning, in particular:

  • Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. on peaceful use of nuclear energy
  • Act No. 470/2000 Coll.LL. that amends and supplements Act No. 272/1994 Coll.LL. on public health protection, as amended,
  • Act No. 42/1994 Coll.LL. on public protection as amended ,
  • ÚJD Decree No. 245/1999 Coll.LL. on emergency planning for the case of incidents and accidents,  
  • Decree No. 300/1996 Coll.LL. on provision for protection of the population upon production, transportation, storage and handling of hazardous substances,
  • Decree No. 12/2001 Coll.LL. on requirements for securing of radiation protection,
  • MV SR, MZ SR and ÚJD Directive No. CP - 187/374/2000 that unifies the development and approval of population protection plans for the case of nuclear installation accidents.

All the above mentioned documents account for recommendations of the Vienna based International Atomic Energy Agency and the relevant European Union directives in the field of emergency preparedness, such as:

  • Safety Series 50-SG-06: Operator preparedness for emergency situations at NI,
  • Safety Series 50-SG-66: Preparedness of public administration bodies for emergency situation at NI,
  • Safety Series 55: Planning of accident response in NI environment upon radiation accident at NI,
  • Safety Series 72. Rev. 1: Protection of radioactivity sources not controlled upon accidents,
  • TEC DOC 953 - Methods of emergency response preparation for nuclear and radiation accidents,
  • TEC DOC 955 - Basic evaluation procedures for setting of protective measures for reactor accidents,
  • 82/501/EHS: Council Directive of 24 June1982 concerning risks associated with severe accidents in certain industrial activities,
  • 87/600/Euratom: Council Decision of 14 December 1987 on the setting up of a system of Community measures for rapid exchange of information in radiological emergencies,
  • 89/618/Euratom: Council Directive of 27 November 1989 on information provided to general public on health protection measures that need to be applied and on steps to be undertaken upon radiological emergencies.

Moreover, Act on emergencies, and Act on integrated rescue system are being drafted.

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