National Report of The Slovak Republic, september 2001

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4.6.4 Activities of regulatory bodies

Persons exercising state regulatory activities in the field of health are in terms of the provisions of the corresponding legal instruments authorized to enter enterprises and premises, request information, take samples, investigate and inspect the corresponding documents. Upon exercising their activities, they verify the compliance with the generally binding legal act and regulations, conditions set in permits, measures imposed by the regulatory body .

Verification of radiation protection is secured by:

  • system of information that operator continuously provides to the institution exercising the regulatory activities under conditions set in the permit to perform activities resulting in irradiation,
  • on the spot inspections.

According to the purpose of inspections they ,as a rule, include monitoring of radiation situation in the working environment, in the surroundings of nuclear installations and in reference localities, using own means. The objective of the measurements is to objectively evaluate the impact of the NI operation on working and general environment.

Upon exercising state regulatory activities with respect to radiation protection, officers exercising the activities verifying mainly the following:

  • radiation situation at the nuclear installation, while performing own measurements,
  • compliance with approved documentation,
  • dose-related burden of the staff, records of dose exposure of NI staff, with own analyses of the burden on the staff,
  • monitoring of discharges, with random control measurements of some parameters of the radioactivity of discharges,
  • application of optimization of radiation protection,
  • professional and health-related capacity of employees, managing officials and professional representatives for radiation protection,
  • documentation relevant for health protection against radiation,
  • conditions of introducing into the environment of radioactive substances,
  • preparedness of nuclear installations for radiation incidents and emergency situations,
  • impact of the operation of nuclear installations on the environment and exposure of the population to doses, with performing own analyses of the radioactivity of environmental media,
  • activities of environmental radiation control, etc.

Officials exercising the regulatory activities prepare, based on the findings, background documents for decisions of the health protection body in approving activities resulting in irradiation and in imposing measures, instructions or sanctions.

State health regulatory authority performs in working environment mainly monitoring of dose rates, of activities of airborne particles, surface contamination, and/or other special measurements. In the NI surroundings, monitoring of integral doses using TLD method and discontinuous measurements of dose rates are performed in the monitoring points system, as well as monitoring of the activities of corrosion and fission products in fallouts, airborne particles, drinking, surface and ground waters, soil, sediments, agricultural products and food components produced in the environment of the nuclear installation. At irregular intervals, also parallel analyses of airborne particles in exhalations and samples of wastewaters are performed.

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