National Report of The Slovak Republic, september 2001

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4.3.4 Role of the regulator

Pursuant to Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL., activities with direct impact of nuclear safety may only be performed by specified employees whose special professional competence has been verified by ┌JD that issued them Certificate of Special Professional Competence. Specific working activities of professionally competent employees as well as of specified employees, methods, terms and conditions of the verification of the special professional competence as well as the prescribed training of employees are laid down by ┌JD Regulation No. 187/1999 Coll.LL.

Pursuant to the above mentioned Act, ┌JD sets the method, terms and conditions of the verification of special professional competence of selected employees and the method of granting of licenses to specialized institutions; ┌JD approves curricula and the method of training of selected employees.

┌JD inspectors are authorized to verify upon professional competence of selected employees and withdraw Certificates of Special Professional Competence.

Requirements on provision for nuclear safety of nuclear installations upon start up and during operation are laid down by Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. and ╚SKAE Decree No. 6/1980. The Decree deals with employees of nuclear installations and with requirements on qualification of the employees. ┌JD supervises the overall training of the employees, and verifies upon the qualification of selected categories of employees whose activities may directly impact nuclear safety.

┌JD Chairman appoints members of examination commission that verifies special professional competence of selected employees. The examination comprises written and oral part and also practical part for those whose working position is to be changed. If the exams are successfully passed, Certificate may be issued. ┌JD keeps records of all applications for examination, including copies of the protocols on the completion of the basic training, being a necessary precondition for a Certificate to be issued. Also, ┌JD keeps records of all Certificates issued, and keeps updated lists of valid Certificates.

The second group of employees of nuclear installations are those with impact on nuclear safety. They have to pass examinations at an examination commission established at specialized institution . If the examination is passed successfully, the specialized institution issues Certificate of Professional Competence. For this group of employees, ┌JD also approves training programs for all parts of the basic training, as well as post-training programs upon an employee going to work at a different NPP type. ┌JD at the same time supervises their compliance.

Supervisory activities under Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. in the field of training of nuclear installations staff are subject to regular inspections. The inspection program is based on verifying upon the compliance with the requirements put on employees in terms of ž 4 of ╚SKAE Decree No. 6/1980 and pursuant to ┌JD Regulation No. 187/1999 Coll.LL. Within inspections, compliance with plans of training of NPP employees as approved by ┌JD is verified , along with the fulfilling of training programs according to approved training programs. Also, inspections verify the compliance with NPP guidelines containing requirements on education, professional training and mental capability of NPP employees. As part of inspections, archiving of documents on training of employees is verified upon.

Additional inspections focus on the system of repeated NPP staff trainings. Within the inspections, ┌JD reviews fulfillment of repeated training plans. During the inspection, also the system of document keeping and document archiving on repeated staff trainings is reviewed.

┌JD uses inspections to inspect specialized institutions - holders of licenses pursuant to ž4 (2. e) of Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. for professional training of employees of nuclear installations. Inspections focus on review of technical equipment and professional competence of employees of the specialized institution . Within inspections, organization and records of training of NPP employees are evaluated, along with the basic training documents, technical equipment of the specialized establishment and compliance with the qualification requirements on employees of specialized institution authorized to train selected NPP employees. If the results of inspection are positive, ┌JD renews the validity of the Licence of the specialized institution for training of employees of nuclear installations.

Review of technical equipment also includes licensing and review of simulator. Within the review of the technical equipment of simulator, parameters and courses of input variables are verified upon, as well as random simulation of technological process according to chosen scenario. Documentation of all adjustments of simulator due to outcomes of tests and/or due to the implementation of technical solutions and design changes of units are verified. Under such reviews, technical and organizational provisions for simulator training are also verified , along with the professional competence of simulator training instructors. The teaching approach, orientation in the system of training, and correct evaluation of attendants are verified . The evaluation of simulator training instructors mentioned represents part of the verification of their professional competence by examination commission. If requirements are met and examinations are passed successfully, ┌JD issues authorization for training of selected NPP employees.

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