National Report of The Slovak Republic, september 2001

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4.1.3 Role of the regulatory authority

Pursuant to § 4 of Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL., ÚJD is authorized to grant licenses for doing business or use nuclear energy. §5 of the same Act defines conditions to be met for such a license to be granted. Paragraph 1(i) provides that the conditions also include legal competence, integrity character and reliability of the statutory body or its members, as well as professional competence. Based on this provision, ÚJD requires the applicants for license to meet the following:

  1. to take the appropriate steps by the operator’s management to provide for all organizational units involved in activities directly connected with the nuclear facility complying with the policy deeming nuclear safety a priority,

  2. to respect the division of competencies so that the license holder has the primary responsibility for safety of the nuclear facility. Any changes in competences split between the license holder and NPP must be submitted to ÚJD for approval,

  3. a separate nuclear safety department within the license holder’s organizational structure must be established to be responsible for the fulfillment of tasks connected with the coordination of nuclear safety. The scope of the department’s activities has to be submitted to ÚJD. ÚJD must be informed about the appointment of the head of such a department as well as on any changes in the scope of its activities, at least one month prior to such changes or appointment taking effect,

  4. ÚJD must be informed on any changes of license holder’s management and of the branch plants responsible for nuclear safety, at least one month prior to such changes taking place.

With respect to professional competence Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL. requires that for collective statutory bodies (in case of a Board of Directors of a shareholding company, such competence must be demonstrated for at least one member, such member not necessarily being the chairman of the Board), at least one member must have university degree of the corresponding background (technical - faculty of mechanical engineering, faculty of electrical engineering, and/or faculty of natural science - nuclear physics, physics-chemistry ) and three years of practical experience in the field. This means that such a person must have worked at least three years at a specific nuclear facility filling a position that is directly connected with his/her qualification, and - as far as practicable - with the managerial position at a certain level of management (pursuant to § 13 of Act No. 130/1998 Coll.LL., the most important group of nuclear installations comprise of nuclear power plants).

Predchádzajúca kapitolaPredchádzajúca stranaOBSAHNasledujúca stranaNasledujúca kapitola