National Report of The Slovak Republic , september 2001

Predchádzajúca kapitolaPredchádzajúca stranaOBSAHNasledujúca stranaNasledujúca kapitola Monitoring programme

Based on recommendations of IAEA documents concerning status monitoring of construction and technological parts and spent fuel, a new monitoring programme has been under gradual implementation since 2001. The programme focuses on the monitoring of the condition of:

building structures such as foundations of the ISFSF building, concrete structures of spent fuel pools, support steel elements and structures, fencing of the ISFSF building,
pressure vessels and piping systems (cooling, cleaning and decontamination system),
corrosion-induced damage to equipment and technology in contact with the fuel storage pools coolant (lining of pools, transport equipment),
rotational engines (selected pumps and blowers),
systems and components of electric supply (transformers, generators, motors and cables),
spent fuel.  

New monitoring points will be installed to monitor yielding of the ISFSF building, and also ground water levels will be monitored. The condition of the ISFSF pool lining will be monitored using samples of materials placed in the pools as well as using the acoustic emission method. Visual control means, control of tightness of fuel cladding and destructive control stand are used to monitor the condition of fuel.