National Report of The Slovak Republic , september 2001

Predchádzajúca kapitolaPredchádzajúca stranaOBSAHNasledujúca stranaNasledujúca kapitola Accident analyses

Accident analyses were conducted for the full range of anticipated initiating events with applying qualified methods and practices. The works on the analyses have been in accordance with IAEA recommendations of the “Guidelines for Accident Analysis for WWER Nuclear Power Plants” and the selection of events was confirmed by a comparison with power-plant-specific PSA. The results have been included in chapter 15 POSAR.

In connection with the use of profiled fuel, new accident analyses were conducted in cooperation with the fuel supplier for the full range of initiating events according to IAEA-EBP-WWER-01. Only radiation impacts were not re-calculated since the increase in fuel inventory has been negligible when compared with the initial RC design.

The status concerning beyond design basis accidents and severe accidents is similar as that concerning NPP V-2 units - see chapter with the difference, that for NPP Mochovce a study has been prepared ” Applicability of PHARE 4.2.7a/93 Project Results to EMO Units 1 and 2 and Analyses for SAMG” in the first half of 2001.