National Report of The Slovak Republic , september 2001

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2.2.3 Operating safety analysis report after 10 years
of operation

Initial safety analysis report

The initial SAR for NPP V-2 was drafted in 1983 according to the instructions for drafting and contents of safety reports issued by ČSKAE. Based on the requirements of the approved structure, sections of preliminary safety report were taken over without any modifications, others were supplemented, and the missing sections were drafted separately.

Amended safety analysis report

In connection with the granting of approval for the operation by ČSKAE of the NPP pursuant to Act No.28/1984 Coll., ČSKAE in its Decision No. 199/91 made approval of continued operation of Bohunice NPP unit 3 conditional upon the meeting of a set of conditions. Among others, these conditions included also submission of an amended SAR that would demonstrate the status of the provision for nuclear safety after ten years of operation of NPP V-2 units.

A strategy was adopted for drafting the amended V-2 SAR. Because of the overall development in safety assessment methodologies, it was decided to draft an entirely new report, structured in accordance with the guideline US NRC RG 1.70. The objectives of the individual chapters remained preserved, although the contents of some sections were adjusted and updated to the conditions of NPP V-2 since guideline RG 1.70 has been intended for the drafting of a SAR for a new NPP in the legal environment of the US. All legal regulations applicable in Slovakia were taken into account during the safety evaluation . In areas where no regulations and standards have been defined in the Slovak Republic, international regulations and/or regulations applicable in other countries were used.

Available project data, background materials on project documents and results of safety analyses and works implemented for the purpose of improving NPP V-2 nuclear safety during ten years of operation were used for the NPP V-2 safety report.

Additions to amended SAR based on ÚJD Decision No. 4/96

Having reviewed the results of inspection for start up after the completion of the 1995 overhaul, and having assessed the amended SAR Review 1 - status as of 09/93, ÚJD granted, by its Decision No. 4/96 approval of the operation of NPP V-2 unit 3. At the same time it instructed SE-EBO to make adjustments and additions to SAR and to update it by incorporating changes introduced prior to 31 December, 1996. This updating gave rise to amended SAR V-2 - status as of 12/96.

According to the Decision and in terms of the plant standards, above V-2 SAR Revision No. 2 has to be amended every year, with changes introduced during the preceding year to be incorporated.

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