National Report of The Slovak Republic , september 2001

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  • Apart from the missions mentioned to assess seismicity of the Bohunice site and Y2K issues (see chapter 2.1.2), an International IAEA Review Mission IPERS Review Mission for Bohunice V-2 NPP Low Power and Shutdown PSA - SPSA has taken place since the drafting of the National Report for Slovakia in July 1998. The Mission took place on 27 September - 6 October, 1999. The Mission stated that the documentation presented was of a high quality, the analytical method used corresponded to the recommended and world-wide used method for low-power and shutdown unit PSA development. The identification and grouping of initiating events have been in accordance with the usual practices. The event and failure trees included all the safety systems and functions relevant with respect to suppression of initiating events. The quality assurance programme applied in the PSA study has been in accordance with the instructions and guidelines. Some recommendations were given at the same time to improve the said PSA study and to improve the lucidity of descriptions.

  • WENRA stated in its report “Nuclear safety in EU candidate countries”, October 2000 that, “…Once the ongoing upgrading measures have been implemented, i.e. around 2002, the safety level of these units is expected to be comparable to that of the Western European reactors of the same vintage.”